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3D Animation

3D Lip Sync Animation - Get the Word Out

Animation of a man putting the word out for the capture of a guy who stole from him.

3D Animation - Ace Thumbs Up

3D Animation of a quick animated Gesture using the Ace Rig. He gives a Mario style Thumbs up to the viewer.


3D Animation - Demo Reel

3D Animation I've made within the last handful of years. Basic Dialogue, a couple walk cycles, and a dialogue scene.


3D Game Animation - Combo Attack #1

Game style animation of a warrior doing a chain attack simulating a 3 button input combo. After each swing, she can return to idle if no further input of the attack button.

3D Animation - Forgot My Keys

3D Animation of Jack about to leave, but then realizes he forgot his car keys.


3D Animation - Character Lip-Sync

3D Animation created in Maya using the Malcolm to practice animating lip synced dialogue.


2D Animation

Game Grumps Animated - Mercer, Have Mercy

        Based off the commentary of popular YouTubers, Arin & Danny from Game Grumps, this animated cartoon was made completely from the ground up. Starting with storyboards, animatics, character sketches, character turn, character rigs ready for Flash/Animate, and the backgrounds, my goal was to have this animation have as much TV Cartoon quality as possible.

     The Art & Animation style for this short were inspired by many iconic animated TV shows, such as Kim Possible, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed Edd n Eddy, Rocko's Modern Life, and Disney's Ducktales (2017). To see character turns and environmental art from this animation, please visit my Art Gallery HERE

Pencil Test and Traditional Animations

Digital Animation - Matt's Cellar of Spooks (2019)

Traditional Style Animation created in Animate CC. Backgrounds made in Photoshop and rendered in After Effects.

Digital Animation - Rating "Entertained"

Traditional Style Animation created in Animate CC. Tiny Mermaid is quite entertained. Made for Podcast Reviews.

Flash Animation - Surreal

Team created animation made in Flash about a group of tribe warrior face off against a deadly monster.

2D Animation - Learning the Basics

Rough animation about a young witch learning a new spell.

Digital Animation - Rating "Meh"

Traditional Style Animation created in Animate CC. Tiny Mermaid feels indifferent. Made for Podcast Reviews.

Digital Animation - Spoiler Warning

Traditional Style Animation created in Animate CC. Tiny Mermaid warns about Spoiler Talk. Made for Podcast Videos.

Flash Animation - Animated Music Video

Created to go along with a band's single, Scratch. I worked on the story, designs, animation, lip sync, and compositing.

Flash Animation - TV Intro

Team created animation. I built and worked on the Grandma animation and create a few slice effects.

2D Animation - Bag Lift

Rough animation of a character lifting a bag onto a shelf.

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