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Welcome to My Portfolio!

My name is Matthew Sella. I am an Animator with a background in 2D Animation. I have worked on mobile games for more than 4 years. I worked on big titles like Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff and Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow. I've also worked on Animated shows like Unikitty! and The Jojo & Bowbow Show Show. And recently worked on animating children's books utilizing Toon Boom Harmony with Vooks

Check out my Demo Reel above to see some of my work for those Games, as well as the latest 2D and 3D animation work.

I've worked on smaller titles like Cupid Call to Arms, and Late For Work. Both titles gave me opportunities to expand art style like Pixel Art and create optimal PNG sheets for Unity.

I'm always striving to learn what I can and push my skills further each time to become efficient, reliable, and professional.

Check out my Resume HERE 


Hope you will consider me for your Animation needs,
   ~Matt Sella

Click HERE for more 3D & 2D animations!

Click HERE for more character illustrations!

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